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Experience the extraordinary

Greetings, I'm Poppy. It's an absolute delight to finally catch your gaze.


Amidst life's whirlwind, I'm no stranger to the exhilaration of managing not just one, but two careers (one in the realm of the arts, and the other, well, you can take a guess). I've mastered the art of seamlessly transitioning between boardrooms and, shall we say, more intimate environments.


I know how it is for you – a bustling schedule with frequent business trips, weaving in and out of city lights, all while balancing the demands of work and home. It's a skill, really. But in the midst of it all, pleasure often gets shuffled to the backburner. And that's where I come in.


Let's break the cycle, shall we? I believe those moments of joy and fulfillment deserve more than a fleeting glance. They deserve to be seized and savored. When we're together, I'd love nothing more than to curate an experience that's a respite from the everyday hustle.


London becomes our playground, and the possibilities are endless. We could lose ourselves in a gallery's strokes of genius. Shop till we drop and then collapse in a comfortable haven. Take a leisurely stroll through a park that time forgot. Or perhaps venture into the city's captivating after-dark scene – I'm game if you are!


The beauty lies in the variety, the thrill of exploring the city's heartbeat hand in hand, uncovering hidden gems and savouring the secret moments. With so much to do, why would we ever settle for the same old song and dance?


One of the perks of my journey is the freedom to set my own path. Whether you're here for a quick visit, a fleeting night, or an entire workweek, I'm open to long and short invitations alike. After all, the best things in life often come in the most captivating packages.

No judgement, no shame, just pure fun!

Head to my Gallery, and to send me an invitation here


Get to know me

Nationality - British

Age - Early 30s

Education - MSc Art History

Size - UK 6 US 0 / X Small / 34a-23-33

Shoe - UK 5 / EU 38

Height - 5’5

Tattoos - None

Body type - Petite and toned, Yoga babe

Personality - Seductive, Feminine, Smart

Travel - Passport Ready

Hobbies - Photography, film, food, fashion, taking time in nature, yoga, making things, my cat, crypto, side hustle, you!

Perfect date - Something artsy - getting lost in a gallery together, Exploring the newest cruising or watching a movie/show etc

Food - enjoy pretty much anything ( I do like to keep it healthy ), I have a sweet tooth.

Favourite drink - Jasmin tea or Diet Coke 

Gifts - Chocolates, lingerie, gift vouchers or from my wish list items.

Available to - Men, Women, Couples



The initial encounter with Poppy was nothing short of mind-blowing. Her beauty radiates with a bright-eyed, youthful, and effortlessly natural charm. As our connection deepens, she reveals herself as a captivating and stimulating presence. There's no room for aimless small talk or insincere compliments in her world. Poppy is authentically genuine, and it becomes evident that she's savoring every moment, truly having the time of her life.

“Mr M”

Until we meet….

Poppy xx

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