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Experience the extraordinary


In the hazy ambiance of a quaint café. You find yourself stealing glances at the clock, eagerly awaiting our lunch date. Excitement mingled with a touch of nervousness. Leaving you yearning for our time together.

You ask the waiter to order a frothy cappuccino for me. Trying to distract yourself with thoughts of what is to come.

The door swung open…

The air crackled with anticipation as my presence filled the room, drawing every eye to me. As you catch the first glance of me. You notice how I move. 

Sensual yet deliberate, a dance that spoke of confidence and untamed desire.

 As I scanned the room.

Our eyes lock in a moment of shared anticipation.

Rising from your seat to greet me. 

You gently embrace me, the scent of my long blonde hair enveloping you as it brushes against your cheek.

Your heart races as I take my seat opposite you. Unable to tear your gaze away. Captivated by my sparkling blue eyes. Feeling intoxicated by the magnetic pull between us.

Well hello YOU - The woman is me (Poppy) The perfect mix of sensuality, eroticism and companionship you’ve been longing for.

 International Girlfriend, Lunch/Dinner date, yogi, good time girl and London Based Escort, I invite you to indulge with me and relax in my presence. 

I have a feeling things are about to get better







Often told I'm wise beyond my years. Yet I posses a lightness and warmth that can make you melt and forget about the outside world. When you're with me, you have my undivided attention. In a world filled with distractions, this is something I cherish deeply. Whether we're lost in exciting conversations about our recent travels. Or more intimate pillow talk. Let's savour these authentic moments together. Free from the noise of the outside world.

Get to know me

Nationality - British

Age - 30

Education - MSc Art History

Size - UK 6 US 0 / X Small / 34a-23-33

Shoe - UK 5 / EU 38

Height - 5’5

Hair - Long and blonde

Eyes - Mesmerising Blue

Tattoos - None

Body type - Petite and toned, Yoga babe

Personality - Seductive, Feminine, Smart

Hobbies - Photography, fashion, health & wellbeing, taking time in nature, yoga, making things, my cat, crypto, side hustle, you!

Perfect date - Something artsy - getting lost in a gallery together, Exploring the newest restaurant in town (must try - Arlington & the Dover) or watching a movie/west end show, exploring nature, I also really love history. 

Food - enjoy pretty much anything ( I do like to keep it healthy - steak & seafood hit the spot ), I have a sweet tooth (I go crazy for white Chocolate or Ottolenghis’ apple & olive oil cake) My favorite snack is fruits (mango or berries or stuffed dates)

Favourite drink - Jasmin tea or Diet Coke/Sparkling water 

Favourite places - Vienna, Bali, Tuscany, Hong Kong

(Wanderlust - Mauritius, Portugal, Egypt, Vietnam, Venice)

Gifts - Chocolates, lingerie, gift vouchers or from my wish list items.

Available to - Men, Women, Couples


In my free time, I'm passionate about health, wellness and creativity. It's evident from my physique that I take great care of my body. I adore yoga and pilates and make it a point to hit the gym 4-5 times a week. Finding peace in nature is where my heart sings. You'll often catch me wandering along the off-beaten paths in town, an art gallery(i know the best spots), or by the sea. I feel my absolute best when nurturing both my body and keeping a clear mind through meditation, relaxation and massage therapy. This enables me to show up as my optimal self for our date.

I choose to spend my time with gentlemen of impeccable taste, individuals who appreciate intellect and emotional connection as much as the physical. You understand the value of creating memories and experiences without the weight of responsibility, simply showing up with respect and readiness to enjoy the adventure ahead. I want to cultivate an environment that is free of judgement
and one where you can be yourself. 



The initial encounter with Poppy was nothing short of mind-blowing. Her beauty radiates with a bright-eyed, youthful, and effortlessly natural charm. As our connection deepens, she reveals herself as a captivating and stimulating presence. There's no room for aimless small talk or insincere compliments in her world. Poppy is authentically genuine, and it becomes evident that she's savoring every moment, truly having the time of her life.

“Mr M”

Until we meet….

Poppy xx

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