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Meet Poppy Quinn


An art aficionado with a zest for life's finer experiences, here to bring colour and excitement to your world. 🎨✈️ My passion for art, nurtured through study and appreciation, shapes my view of the world as a canvas rich with possibilities for adventure and new discoveries.

Whether wandering the vibrant streets of London or exploring the wonders of distant lands, travel ignites my spirit. I'm deeply rooted in the UK and adore retreating to the countryside for intimate, exhilarating dates, where the allure of mystery and seduction is ever-present.

My love for fashion extends to an exquisite collection of the finest lingerie, silk, and leather, each piece chosen to accentuate my slim, petite frame and add an extra layer of allure to our encounters. Theater, comedy, and the arts are the hues that colour my life vibrant – let’s lose ourselves in these passions, hand in hand, sharing tender kisses and laughter.

I have a fondness for cats and am drawn to the boldness of red and the elegance of purple. These colours mirror the vibrancy and depth of my personality.


If you like what you hear and see then here is a few thinks I love and look forward to sharing

Image by Francesca Saraco


Let me be your guide and lets indulge in all the delight and debauchery of the city.

That only a local would know!

Image by Dan Michael Sinadjan


I believe in enjoying all the pleasures of life, including trying everything trendy and exciting in the city… which Michelin star are we taking on next?

Image by Erik Mclean


A picture paints a thousand words, i love to capture the beauty of the world around me to look back at all the awesome memories

Image by Amy Shamblen


Dressing well is something not everyone possesses, lucky for me it’s always been in my blood to look my best, you know what they say about a well dressed woman elevating her male counterpart!

Image by mimi lalaa

Yoga & Dancing

Movement and dancing makes me feel alive and connected to my self and the flow of life, it always lifts my mood

Image by Lesly Juarez


If you can make me laugh then say no more!

Big Ben

Invite me on a date?

My availability is limited as I only cater to a select number of gentlemen whom I genuinely feel I would have a wonderful time with, To avoid disappointment I encourage pre booking our date. 

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